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Saturday, 12 March 2011

birthday make-up and thanks!

Yesterday make-up, I usually using a dark tone to make up my eyes ( like a smoky eyes but lighter) also I used MAC water proof liquid eye liner

This is the best quality of the liner water proof product. 
usually water proof eye liner cannot proof the water so long and not lasting but for this product for me and many people agree that it is the BEST water proof product :))

It was my birthday yesterday and I did went to the college to work on my final project with my friend :))
I didn't tell anyone it was my birthday because I wasn't really care about it (laugh)
Many people notice through Facebook or Skype..
It was great since many friends bought me a cake! ONLY CAKE!! (laugh) - I'm gonna be fatter so soon (laugh)
Even to someone I wasn't really closed to, they bought me a cake - I'm so thankful..

OMG!! I'm so fat after two cakes (laugh)

It's me Naru :))

So lastly at night, when I got home my sister is trying to play with my nail since she just bought a new products (laugh)
It was worst so I rub it off directly after she done (sorry about that hahaha..)
I tried painted myself after a while so it became...

Pinky nail eiei..

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