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Friday, 11 March 2011

#blue shadow eye tutorial

I was in a rush to do this tutorial make-up, 
I just wanted to release the new vid on my birthday :)) 
For this make-up tutorial,
it is focusing more on blue color for winter.
Most of the product that I use are from the TOPSHOP make-up store.  
with grey contect lens fron Duna
Usually I use Mac Gel liner for my daily make-up
(later on I will do the tips about the gel liner :)) )
To me, it is easier to use when I'm not in a rush than liquid liner 
because it can rub easier and also I can play more with it. 
but I do prefer to use a liquid liner in a rush hour 
since it's easier to draw just for someone who has eyes like me I really is easier (laugh) 
MAC gel liner

KOHL in frost
(Color may not match with the one I'm using but CLICK to see )

Price : $8.00 
Colour: WHITE
Item code: 20E23WWHT
Deep, intense colour in a gliding and soft pencil to give easy and precise application.
Price: $12.00
Colour : BLUE  and BRIGE 
Item code : 20E13WBLE and 20E13WBLE
Chunky eyeshadow pencil with glitter.
Creamy eyeshadow with glitter to define and shade eyes, 
glides on for a bendable, smooth finish.

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