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Saturday, 1 January 2011


It was the last shopping for this winter and this year..
Today is the end of the year
.. 31th Dec 2010..
as the end of the year,
it approaches my thought as hopefully next year would really be better.

I went out yesterday for a little shopping with Naru and Lyming,
the winter clothes in La Villa hasn't reached me much
however I just had some lunch at KINNIKU restaurant in a 3rd floor
Shibuya honey toast at After you

I seriously thought of diet starting from next year..
Just intend to do it so today will really be the last day of my eating (laugh)
It is new year party coming up so..

My twitter hasn't work well on my Ipod touch or maybe just because of the wifi?
I don't know but internet here at my condo is kinda sucks
so I better change it next year

SOOOOO Have a nice year♪~  

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