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Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy new year

あげましておめでとう誤差います( ̄^ ̄)ゞ
Happy new year, 
eave bad things behind and give your chance to start over with new things to get a better life. 
Be keen, be healthy, be happy and be successful..

let's cerebrate the new year?
I just watched 2012 on HBO, 
see that makes me wonder why does it has to be 2012 on the new year of 2011 (-。-; 
I actually watched "Easy A" twice!!
I like so something about the rumors I mean it kind of same as what it happened to me but if only I watched movie before those things would happened to me, 
no matter how many times it happened I would be able to handle it in the batter way as I did. Ignoring is not always the solution.. : ((

Somehow I guess I decided to leave the past behind so let's start the new things (*^o^*) 
new beginning, I actually started to say it every beginning of the yea (laugh)
but it just never work.. as those shit could always reach me somehow!! (。-_-。)

it is now morning so.. good night★ おやすみなさい(・◇・)/~~~

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