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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Before new year outing

OMG my homework assignment always killing me!!
I think it's just overeating,
over-napping, and so on all mixing together = =;

In the evening I got out to do a little after Christmas photo shoot and shopping,
Or i has to say before new year (laugh)
It was Naru's idea to go out for a photo shoot and Lyming just made it real.
We were out at Paragon and had some dinner in Siam square.
I didn't buy anything for shopping
since I felt kinda lazy after I go out while it's getting dark.
I love this lil cookie
I even bought a doll back from Singapore.
Naru and Lyming

me and Naru

There were so many people out there,
I kinda hate it when it crowned
..but we got Sai for a photographer as well.

Last night was so fun,
I love when Naru came over it was always fun to have sometimes together
even we're just mostly spend time on internet and youtube (laugh)
→P.S. The annoying orange is really annoying!!!!
Go click on the link or search on youtube whether it's annoying or not.
Just like its name I think its toooooo annoying-.

おやすみなさい☆Good night★☆

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