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Monday, 3 January 2011


it's probably be an early morning there but here it is still 3:28am..
I just can't go to sleep as usual, it is insomnia..

My Internet connection was bad at the weekend so that's why I was disappeared. 
I kept myself busy on movies somehow the cable kept repeating the movies..
I could watch "the holiday" about 5 times already since Friday(-。-; 
it was Harry Potter and the half blood price twice! 
and Twilight saga; new moon. It was the 20mins before it ended actually (laugh)

It doesn't really seems like new year to me because of.. 
I don't know just my feelings. 
However I started my dieting at the first day of the year(*^o^*) 
I tried to change the clock of my life. 
leep earlier and get up in the morning, just like the other does. 
I usually sleep in the morning and got up around 9 am. I should try changing it : )) 
and u just can't do it yet!!

My sister bought two of two pond of cakes and guess what,
I'm on diet !!! 

however I missed it!!!
Hopefully I'm enable to sleep now so good night (( _ _ ))..zzzZZ

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