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Monday, 21 March 2011

support japan

I had a presentation today so I did a simple make up with a glasses.
only dark grey eye shadow has been used,
not every times has to use eye-liner to make-up 
but sometimes eye shadow is another way to make-up.

I am a little busy on my final project so I couldn't make any vid :((
So far, I still have to summit on Wednesday! 

I am now living with my rabbit [Moji]
She is 8 years old already, 
she was with me since she was a little.
however I got a new dog too! but not too long, 
my aunt would probably bring it back :((

My birthday thanks to: Mr.Fuji, Mr.Muji, Naru and Ant for the cakes 
and special thanks to Lyming and P Best for Bobbi brown Gel liner  

Also Every birthday wishes through text, msg, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube or any way,  

For my last entry, it was all about Q-pot peace chocolate band, 
 to help and to pray for Japan. 
support and donate for them. 

There are many ways to do.
1.) Donate to the Red cross HERE
2.) James Jean Lotus War Scarf. Perfect as a birthday gift and even better, 100% of the proceeds goes to the Japanese Red Cross. If all 100 scarves are sold, you helped raise $35,800 dollars to help Japan!
3.) Helps animal in Japan! Arkbark and Worldvets
4.) Samantha James "Wings of Faith", She made this single for Japan CLICK
5.) Nigahiga's video: Honk for Japan
7.) Lady Gaga Japan earthquake relief Wristband: CLICK    
For more: Click on this Youtube or LINK 
to check out more on video description for how to support Japan. 

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