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Monday, 27 December 2010


I didn't mean to to disappear but it was currently busy!
Ooo isn't it too late to say MERRY CHRISTMAS
how was the Christmas party?
I didn't have a Christmas party myself because
my grandpa was admit at the hospital for a night and he just came back today.

I have found something interesting..
after I couldn't surfing internet for a while so here check this out for a bit..

ヤプログのトップページとJUGEM に、

It's Misachan new special interview,
after I bought the Spicy chocolate album which Izuoka Misaki chan was a cover girl.
I really fell for her once again (:
I am finally got a holiday off from my college and work just for a few week
but thats better than nothing..
I hope next year would be better  

shining shining  ~

The final exam made me feeling uneasy,
so glad it's ended finally.

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