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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Day Chatter♪

Last night I was up until 3pm it was kind of late so I got up Late..
I couldn't concentrate on anything since I started to watch けいおん!
I knew it ended long ago but I just never watch it L(laugh)
I saw once on anime, I am actually watching it as well HeHee..
I became addicted!!
so NOW I have all episode.
Check out right HERE for more info(^O^☆♪

Okiee, I'm actually on my final week;
don't mention it!! I'm feeling so dead ( ;´Д`)
and so this is what for my dinner plate.
ドンカツオらめん★ らめんていやからです。

The test is great but since I tried tomato ramen,
I prefer that one more by the more spicy taste of it HeHee..
I'm off for continue on my けいおん!
as a tenth time now (laugh)
Well, Christmas is really coming up SOON!!

be happy.. o(^▽^)o

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