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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

another day

Hello! It was the day that begun with a morning class
and I was 40 mins late!!!
I got absent for that...
I couldn't get my ass outta bed last morning (laugh)
but anyway I got a debate for the hot topic of " Should the violent video game be banned?"
You probably heard of it before...

I actually thought of that why is it have to be today?
My accent is kind of messed up these day..
 since I was youtubing on someone and I just got that accent from them.
I mean not really I got it from them but it just sound like that ( - -)"

My contact lens got expired so here I took a picture of it (laugh)
It's the black one and now I'm just wearing the simple and plain one.
I like something more natural?

I actually forget it all ready like when did I bought it
is it the one month one or two months?
or even if it is six months one or not?
I'm using it for two months already (or maybe three month!!)
So I kind of think that it is the time (laugh)

So many things happened today and I'm still not done with my work.
This is bad.

I was chatting with my messed up accent with Naru today.
one lady was asking Naru after that like who was the guy you were talking to?

Anyway I need to continue my final project now so..


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