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Monday, 28 February 2011


Long time no see.
I actually was reading my entry below 
and it was all "long time no see" or "I was disappear" all the way down (laugh)
Sorry if I have to say that again but it won't be long :))

I really was disappeared, and I am back! 
There was nothing much I did, I went nowhere 
of course I did sometimes but I will catch it up later for the update.
I guess it will take around two entries for ASA and the day before that. 
Oh! and I got a new room as well.
At first I was busy on cleaning this old room and decorated it 
since I'm done with that I kind of busy at my workplace, study and stuff.
I suppose to be doing my final project right now 
but yeah I'm not in a mood.
All day I wasn't in the mood Hahaha.. 
When will I done? 
..I wondered..

For the update.
I dyes my hair into red brown, the dark one..
so if I'm not standing in the sun it won't seems to be red.
and extension as well .. 
Also I dyes hair for Naru into RED, hers was really really red!
Like Ariel in the little mermaid, you'll love it cuz even I do.

I've been though every website and i kind of have my own account everywhere (laugh)
but that's me. 
I'm a vary person..
I found some awesome application on Apple's store 
It is David Choi's application and Jillian Michaels's application. 
You can go on this website for more detail. 

WongfuProductions's →
Arden cho's →
Jilian Michaels's →
For those people from Youtube, Subscribe them for the support :))

I guess that's all for today
.I need to continue my work so see you next entry.


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