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Sunday, 29 May 2011

VOL1 黒い雪

No matter how..
If snow is black might be good.
If I can change that white to be black, to covered this pain.
Make it dim, and disappear..

Snowing silently..
Pile up quietly in me
It doesn't fate any pain away, even makes it worst..
Don't know what to do..
Don't know what to do next..

This is bad..
I can't hide it,
No matter what color snow is..
I can't forget it, even growth bigger.
Although I can't say how I feel..
At least let myself accept this feelings inside me.
Otherwise wouldn't able breathe.

Now I can breathe clearly,
this is the first time after 2 years.
Snows that piled up, melt away in the morning.
Because of that feelings..
The 1% of hope, I give it to you..
Just for your smile
At least you can laugh, that enough to me.
Just.. Let me stay besides you..

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