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Thursday, 10 March 2011

hair dye

I was checked up in my cupboard what color I have got so far 
 and this is what it shown inside there.  
Does it too much?
Since I wanted to dyed it into many colors
so I bought it along around last year.
I always dye hair myself
A18 -golden blonde color
A21 -light Grey color
A40 - light matt blonde color
A41 - blue color
A44 - light matt brown color
A46 - light ash brown color
L19 - Golden blonde
L29 - Golden Plum
Quis Quis
And lastly for Naru's hair, its not a hair dye things but a treatment.
From Quis Quis - Devil's trick
Red moon color ;))

It is a hair color treatment pack. It takes 5 minutes!
Should try this,it is easy! There are 5 colors in the store.
So I just used Lolane Golden Plum and Berina A40
  - light matt blonde color mixed together to make my hair look a little brighter. 
So as I thought it will be some tone of red since 
Asian's hair has very thick hair 
I got red hair! not that red but I can feel some RED!!

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