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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

new day

hopefully new day that has come will be a nice day for me?
i wish my cold will be gone before new year.
Maybe my nail is too big for touching alphabet on iPod touch screen?
I'm actually having problem with it right now (laugh)
However, it doesn't really effect to me.

Raining season has come for welcoming the winter?
it makes me sick before the Christmas☆
which isn't a good sign to me : ((
I was busy running out searching stuff I need all day long but still insomnia.

Lastly this image may effect some people from reminds some of your ex or lovers.
As it mention,
it does effect me to thought of some live in the past once I saw it.
However to prove-! say it if it's true?

All I can say now is just..
おやすみなさい☆Good night★☆

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