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Thursday, 9 December 2010

trip at Singapore & universal studio

Finally, Around 10 am I got into Singapore!!
Since the very morning I have been prepared for packing (laugh)
my flight was around 7 to 8 am
but for long holidays how would the airport be?
Tons and tons of people!!
Then I got on the airplane with these chicken yakisoba for breakfast.

then after I got here plus lunch,
see how full it was on my table HaaHaa...

The marina bay sand place,
to check out the whole city views from up on the top of the roof 56th floor I guess,
with the biggest swimming pool up there.
It was awesome♪ the views and architecture was cool though.

After all there was a dinner at long beach.
Then drove back to the hotel and my first shopping here was at the TOPSHOP.
I got this cute cardigan 10 mins before the shop closed.

Second day at Universal Studio Singapore!!!
but still I prefer at Osaka (laugh)
at lunch time I was at New York part in the Pizza shop.
The pizza was incredibly big and delicious!!

Okay, finally last day comes. It's the day for SHOPPING!!!
until →4pm ;
along the orchard road, there were so many brands and branches
like Nike, ZARA, TOPSHOP, TOPMAN, Gucci, LV Muji etc..
Along the street there were so many people>* ))))><

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