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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Night blogging

long time no see people..
the reason for being disappeared was nothing interesting happened to my life earlier (laugh) however I went out last Saturday for stylish my friends. 
I dyed his hair into BLUE and cut her hair a little, 
it wasn't a good say tho since my mom was a little up set because the sickness of my puppy. should I called it puppy? or no?

I watched YouTube last night, 
an I was on Jkimyellow channel with some fact of KPOP music meaning, 
google translator, plus something isn't funny but people put "LOL" at the end of sentence. 
it was something I agree with. 
so I got a new word for "NLOL" →not laughing out loud. 
Since I updated on my iPod touch, it's something inconvenience to me to attach the link on. Sorry but pls you gotta go check out that bitch LOL Jkimyellow ←Check it !!! 
I just added some picture on My filckr and some update on My FC2 Blog
also I just did Tumblr for addin some 
quote, interesting picture, fashion or my favorite model pictures.
Now I better go to sleep.
お休みなさい(#^.^#) じゃな!

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