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Thursday, 20 January 2011


 I really was disappeared since  my new term started, 
I was little busy on my project )):

I only have two subject taken this term but tons of work to do!!
I left my Ipod touch at my sister's place so I have lost some music of my life (laugh)
I actually was listening to K-ON!'s music recently but that was before I watch Black butler.

I dyed my hair black three days ago.
I'm thinking of not to do anything with my hair (apart from extension) 
until I'm done with preparing the shop and be able to open it.
Naru and I started to make a blog together on FC2 which is HERE and HERE for Naru's blog,
also for the twitter link in on the site bar ((:

The weather here is still cold, 
not as much as in the other country but this is Thailand winter (laugh)
I love winter.
the fashion and stuff, but inly for my dry skin that I hate most.
I gotta go editing FC2 now, I will try to get my Ipod touch back as soon as possible 
so that I can often blogging.

so see you later ((:

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